IIn June 2013 we opened our new laundry - which is known as one of the most modern facility of the Country - at the premise
of Somogy Megyei Kaposi Mór Instructor Hospital in Kaposvár.

During the implementation of our investments of such large dimensions we sustained as very significant purposes as follows:

- outstanding washing quality
- energy-efficiency
- environment protection
- labor safety and labor circumstances

The technology sequence and the implementation of technology machinery resulted in quality without any compromises.
We utilized our laundry experiences of many years to set up our detergent-technology. Amongst other goals we tended to procure beside the perfect clarification, the hygiene and stain removing process to save the lifetime of textiles and also minimize the environmental load.

We equipped the laundry with the most modern energy retrieval systems. With these equipments not only the cost efficiency of the laundry is improved significantly but by reducing the utilization of fossil energy sources the environmental harms are considerably diminished as well.
In reaching the abovementioned goals we also take the enormous advantages of our high efficiency water recycling system since this way we are able to reduce our water consumption and our sewage emission and also we are able to cutback the quantity of the detergents we use.
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